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Our mission

We succeeded to forge a global team of professionals having no limits in developing and growing. Easy and friendly communication along with the profound expertise in diverse domains – these are the core traits we strive to evolve within our Team.
We stand for the simplified approach to creating, developing, and introducing our product. It lets us make our genuine QR code generator both simple and intuitive in use and extremely effective and versatile.
Applicable to all industries and businesses, our QR code generator is revolutionary, innovative and top-notch. Versatile QR code solutions that we provide will inevitably let you boost business within the shortest possible time.

Our achievements

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Meet our team

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Artem Hidin
Artem Hidin
Nataliia Fefilova
Nataliia Fefilova
SEO Team Lead
Maryna Lavrynenko
Maryna Lavrynenko
SEO Specialist
Kateryna Vasylchuk
Kateryna Vasylchuk
Mariia Sarachan
Mariia Sarachan
Ihor Redin
Ihor Redin
IT Project Manager

Our philosophy

Our Clients are of the most value
Being innovative, our service focuses on the key needs and expectations that our clients are likely to come across. We constantly keep an eye on the newest technological achievements to provide our users with the cutting-edge service(s).
Here to boost your business
Being oriented on our clients’ success, we made our services absolutely client-oriented. It’ll ensure that we work to assist you in growing your business. So, you’ll get the best results.
Fervid work space
Our team strives to ensure the most fruitful cooperation between all the parties, so each of our clients will integrate our service to their work space so that it’ll skyrocket your business potential.
Interaction and synergy are key
We are always open to our clients and do our best to assist them in everything related to our services. So, we are always open to communication to help everybody in choosing a proper format and style of QR code.
Global and borderless thinking
We never stop to evolve, so we have no limitation in providing top revolutionary QR code-related services that’ll push the limits of your business.
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