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Just Getting Started with QR Codes?
Here’s What You Should Know 😎

About QR code

What is a QR code?

In the simplest terms, QR codes are matrix 2D barcodes that encapsulate data, making it readily accessible. QR stands for Quick Response, a name aptly given to the device’s ability to retrieve information and execute commands upon scanning quickly. Any smartphone, tablet, or other device equipped with a camera can scan and interpret matrix barcodes, often aided by a specific app.

What are the benefits of using QR codes?

2D barcodes simplify numerous processes. For instance, a quick scan can direct you to a product’s website or mobile-friendly landing page to collect feedback or redirect users to your social media profiles.

Also, a matrix barcode can prevent clients from manually entering phone number or WLAN passwords, with a scan granting immediate access. Quick response codes are appealing for their speed, but their usage should be justified by  real user benefits.

Using a custom QR code generator, you can enhance your marketing materials and make digital content instantly accessible. The user benefits should be clear. So, why wait? Generate your own QR code with our seamless service now!

How do I scan QR codes?

You can scan two-dimensional barcodes using a smartphone or tablet and an app that scans the code and then processes it. This is done in 4 steps:

  • Aim the camera at the QR code.
  • Scan or photograph it.
  • The application operates with it.
  • The application executes your code and offers you, for example, to consult the integrated URL.

What’s the expiration period of QR codes?

Static QR codes possess no expiration time, which means they can never expire.

However, dynamic can be paused once your subscription is terminated. Since there is a short link behind the dynamic QR code, as long as the short link to QR code is active, it will continue to function.

Is it secure to use a free online QR code generator?

Rest assured, using ViralQR, a custom QR code creator, involves no risks. We guarantee that your data will not be stored or reused in the future. The advanced features of our safe QR code generator allow users to operate securely via a custom domain and SSL, ensuring data integrity. Trust in our product’s credibility when you make a QR code online.

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Make a Free QR Code without Registration in 3 Simple Steps 🥷

1. Choose Your Type

Opt for a code kind from myriads of alternatives. Create QR code free and without login to quickly access a website URL, vCard, plain text, standard SMS message, Wi-Fi, or email address.

2. Fill in the Details

You’ll need to insert a link, contact details, or any other kind of data into your code. After you’re over, just tap the Generate button.

3. Download the QR Code

You can use the 2D barcode in its black color or customize your QR code according to your preferences and needs. After you’re done with your custom QR codes, just tap the download button.

Reveal Some More Steeping
QR Code Traits and Perks

Create a QR code with a logo to enhance your brand identity. Make up multiple QR codes simultaneously. Have a connection with your clients via dynamic QR codes.

Discover the benefits of a premium QR Code
with QR Code maker from ViralQR

Boost your brand's presence with ViralQR's customizable and trackable QR code maker, making it easy to connect with your audience through fast, secure, and innovative premium QR code solutions.

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Free QR Codes

Generate static QR Codes for site, email, social pages, or any other use case.

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Premium QR Codes

Unlock the true power of QR codes with a dynamic QR code. Get access to a myriad of premium features and custom QR code designs.

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Editable QR codes

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Complete QR code scan analytics

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Advanced customization options

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Mass generation of QR codes

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What Kind of QR Codes Can I
Make Up For Free?

Be sure to test the following options and make free QR codes for:

QR for URL


QR for PDF


QR for Image


QR for App Markets

App Markets

QR for Text


QR for Maps


QR for Wi-Fi


QR for Audio


QR for WhatsApp


QR for YouTube


QR for Instagram


QR for Facebook


QR for Telegram


QR for v-Card


QR for E-mail


QR for List of Links

List of Links



QR for Phone Call

Phone Call

QR for Custom URL

Custom URL

QR for TikTok


QR for Video File

Video File

Make Your QR Code with
Custom Design 😃

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Grab Your High-Resolution QR Codes

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More Options for Creating Static QR

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Generate Dynamic QR Codes with
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Common Questions About QR Codes

Core Concepts 💡

What is a QR code generator?

It is an instrument to be used to generate QR codes, as well as manage and track them. So, you’ll make up your customized QR code and adapt it to your personal needs. You can apply this tool to accumulate codes that give access to different types of information or enable the execution/activation of particular tasks.

Can I make QR codes free?

We allow you to create free QR codes. You can create static codes using our no sign up QR code generator. Today, 2D barcodes have become increasingly common, and more people know about their benefits. With our service, you quickly have the opportunity to create your unique QR code.

You’ll be eligible to use the following content type to convert to a QR code:

  • URL and websites
  • vCard
  • Text
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Crypto
  • Wi-Fi
  • Instagram & Twitter

Once you’ve forged them, they will always be yours. However, using a free custom QR code generator, you can’t modify or edit the content in any way once it is generated. Thus, before you print the matrix barcode, double-check that it functions efficiently.

In addition, our subscribers are eligible for a 14-day free QR code creation trial. So, if you create a dynamic QR code within your trial period (high-resolution and trackable is meant), you can continue to use and edit it after upgrading your subscription.

You’re eligible to test our free QR code generator right now!

Can I get into commercial purposes with the generated QR codes?

Of course. One of the purposes of a two-dimensional barcode is to attract clients to your business. So, commercial purposes are always welcome, and we are here to assist you in accomplishing your business-related goals.

What information does a QR code hold?

The data you store in your code depends on what you want to use it for. This can be contact information, calendar data, URL, email address, phone number, standard SMS messages, plain text, virtual business cards and social discourses, links, built-in landing pages to download your app from the App Store or gather feedback. Also, it will record a person’s location, operating system and time when they scan the active QR code.

Can the QR code scans (tracking, analytics, measuring) be counted?

Sure! Our advanced QR generator service ensures all of the metrics upon your request. By choosing ViralQR, you will get a QR code generator with unlimited scans at the best price on the market.

How long are QR codes valid for? Do they expire?

The static code has an unlimited validity period and can be read as often as you like. Dynamic code offers advanced functionality that lasts as long as you use the subscription.

How does an online QR code generator manage your codes?

We provide you with a creator dashboard to let you efficiently manage all of the barcodes you make with our service (the custom QR code builder and bulk QR code generator service included). So, have no worries—you’ll have an extremely convenient approach to managing your quick response codes, both dynamic and static.

What do static and dynamic types mean?

A static QR code is a set of symbols containing fixed information that cannot be changed. Dynamic, however, can be updated, edited, and modified. Rather than storing large amounts of information in code, they point to Short URLs that capture the data, such as a point on Google Maps. A dynamic code includes links to social media pages and sending orders through a code on restaurant menus that one can access with a QR code scanner or a mobile device.

Scanning & Troubleshooting ⚙️

Can my smartphone scan QR codes?

You just need to use your camera to scan any QR code.

What graphic formats do the generated QR codes support?

Using our online QR code maker, you can create a QR code online from a browser on a PC or any mobile device (Android and iOS devices) and download it in one of four image file formats: .svg, .jpeg, .png, pdf file or .eps.

What should I know before printing my QR code?

Getting a QR code for your products is a simple process. But before you print your new QR code out, you’d be concerned about such technical aspects as colors contrasted (they do matter a lot), the code’s size, and your information credibility/accessibility. Pay attention to your picture quality and resolution. Make sure you create a scannable QR code. If you want to grab more scans for commercial usage in your marketing campaigns, focus on scanning time and location.

How does one get into a QR code scanning/reading?

To use the QR code reader on your phone, be sure to stick to the following points:

  • Open the QR code scanning app on your phone.
  • Hold your phone over the matrix barcode and ensure the code is visible on the screen.
  • The phone should automatically scan it.
  • If not, click the capture button to take an image.

How to scan a code on an iPhone:

  • Open the Camera app
  • Hold your iPhone over the code to scan it.
  • Mark the notification that appears on your screen.

How possible is it to read a code without an app utilized?

A scanning app has been needed to scan a QR code with your mobile phone. But now, it is no longer necessary and can be done entirely from the camera on your mobile devices.

Is there a scan limit for the QR codes?

Our free QR code creator has any limits when it comes to scanning when you create static QR code. But they also do not have any analytics for scans, etc.

The scan limit sometimes mentioned is a synonym for scan statistics from the data collected for each dynamic QR code. Our Starter Plan includes statistics generated for the first 10000 scans. It would help if you upgraded your plan to get more stats.

Your code can be scanned unlimited times, regardless of your project and the number of scan statistics collected. So, don’t hesitate to use our safest way immediately!

Can I change the destination of a code after printing?

If you’ve created the dynamic cipher with our QR codes generator, modifying or changing the code’s target URL will surely be possible. But please note if you get a QR code for a website and its destination is the website URL, it cannot be changed to vCard or Wi-Fi.

Why is it impossible to have my QR code scanned?

If your code is slightly damaged, it can still be scanned as long as the data loss does not exceed the highest error correction level (30%). If the matrix barcode is intact but nothing happens, your phone needs to download a scanning application. If your smartphone opens a window with an internet link, then it means that the QR code reader is integrated.

Editing QR Codes 🚀

How do I change the size and file format of my static QR code image?

With our easy QR code creator, you can change the code image size and convert its file format. Then, you just need to log in to your account and visit your QR codes gallery.

Can I embed an image or company logo in a QR code?

Yes, you can create your custom QR codes with logo with our paid subscription or free trial QR code generator, but it is not possible with our free QR code maker. To edit ciphers, just sign up for your account.

Can I generate a custom QR code with a logo by myself?

Yes. You’ll do it independently using our easy QR code generator service. Mind that the option to generate free QR code with an embedded logo or image is unavailable.

Best Practices 🦄

What does "Scan Quota Exceeded" mean?

This means that the matrix barcode created within the free membership or Starter plan has exceeded a certain number of scans. It assumes that purchasing a subscription is necessary to make your QR code active again.

Why is my QR code not working?

When creating a QR code, quality makes the difference between a code that scans and one that doesn’t. Many beginners create a custom QR code image and then change the size by resizing this image. They often enlarge it to a better measure, but still a low-resolution picture increases blur.

What is the minimum size of a QR code?

When you create a QR code image, the minimum size is 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in). So you’ll encounter no issues when you create it with our professional QR code generator.

Is a license required to create QR codes?

No. Depending on your business specifics, your marketing campaign may require a QR code creation. You are free to generate QR code online for your business purposes. They are built upon and adhere to the open ISO standard. Moreover, the QR code technology is owned by DENSO WAVE, so no additional licenses are needed.

What's with the white border around the QR code?

The so-called “quiet zone” is located around the matrix barcode print when it’s forged to separate it from anything else in its surroundings. This helps scanning devices recognize the QR code accurately without interference from nearby elements.

Does the color of the code influence its reliability?

As a branded code generator, we understand that colors play a crucial role in shaping the perception of your brand identity. Therefore, when creating a QR code, we must balance branding and code readability.

It’s essential for coding that the dots are darker than the background. Therefore, QR code readers need a foolproof light/dark contrast concerning the bars and spaces. In such a way, their sensors would optimally be able to catch and estimate the reflected light. The difference in reflection between light and dark elements is called the print contrast signal (PCS). If you don’t want to take chances with scannability, ensure it does not exceed the 80% rate.

What content can be shown via QR codes?

The first step in generating QR code is to determine the purpose of the code. Quick response code can contain web addresses, text, phone numbers, WiFi passwords, SMS, or other types of data such as PDF or image, vCard format (allows quick addition of a contact), mobile-friendly landing pages to leave a review or download your application, linking to a business page, with multiple links to social media accounts readable by smartphones and mobile phones equipped with a reading application.

Need more answers?

Feel free to ask our support team 🤝.

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